LIVE – April 2018 Quiz Challenge

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The 30 Day April Quiz Challenge

This month we are having a quiz. Each day in April a different question will be displayed below. You just need to answer the question. If you manage to answer a question correctly you will receive 2 entries into the draw. If you get the question wrong you will receive 1 entry (just for giving it a try). All entries will be pooled at the end of the month and one winner drawn at random.
The competition started on 1st April 2018 and runs until the end of the month. The last question will be shown on 30th April 2018, with the winner being announced here on 1st May 2018 at 11am. The winner will then have 24 hours to claim their £10 cash prize.


You open a bank account and receive 3% interest on your savings.  You pay in £100 (your balance is £100), what will your balance be at the end of the first year ?


Previous Answers

1. What is the capital city of Italy? – Rome
2. What is the sum of 10+5+15+25? – 55
3. Which Swedish group had hits with Waterloo and Dancing Queen? – ABBA
4. In The Flintstones, is Pebbles the daughter of Fred and Wilma or Barney and Betty? – Fred and Wilma
5. On the Periodic Table what gas does the symbol ‘He’ refer to ? – Helium
6. Which fast food company uses “Golden Arches” as part of their logo ? – McDonalds
7. Which month is the only one not to have 30 or 31 days in it ? – February
8. The origins of which type of fast food take aways can be traced to Mossley in Greater Manchester in 1860 ? – Fish and Chips
9. How many sides does an icosagon have ? – 20
10. How many days are there in a leap year? – 366
11. In what year was the X-Files actress Gillian Anderson born ? – 1968
12. Steven Spielberg was one of the co-founders of which movie studio ? – DreamWorks
13. How many zeros are there in one hundred thousand ? – 5
14. Which TV soap has a Fish & Chip shop called ‘For Your Fries Only’ ? – Coronation Street
15. How many minutes are there in a day ? – 1,440
16. Which film uses the phrase ‘You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat’ ? – Jaws
17. What is the medical term for high blood pressure ? – Hypertension
18. Spaghetti Junction in the UK is on which road ? – M6 / A38 / Tyburn Road / Gravelly Hill (Just need to mention one of these)
19. Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility ? – The Moon
20. A Zoologist specialises in the study of what ? – Animals
21. Which famous web site was found by Jeffry Bezos ? – Amazon
22. The roman numeral ‘XXIV’ is how many? – 24
23. In which country was the toy store ‘Toys “R” Us’ founded ? – America / United States (USA)

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You learn something new every day! I love questions that I don’t know the answers to as I have to look them up. This is the 3rd one this month, and I’ve never even heard of the man despite his website being one of my favourites. Much more interesting (to me) than the year Gillian Anderson was born, lol.


Same thoughts as below, so picked main one.


Surely a junction, by definition, is on more than 1 road but I have answered the main one 🙂


Exactly what I thought. I did the same.


Indeed. Four roads at least! I have put all of them. Do we get a point for each?


Doh! I didn’t think of that Phil! Lol


I have submitted my answer twice as I put the answer in, pressed submit then looked, God knows what the first digit was meant to say, so my second answer is my answer please


I hope this isn’t a trick question & you just mean how many zero’s in the written number not some attempt to divide by zero!


“How many days are there in a leap year? – 366” I put 29 because I was thinking of February!!!


🦋purplevamp, you’re not alone, I put 29 as well because I was thinking of February also !! At least we get 1 point for our wrong answer ! 😳🤣🤣 I wonder how many others put 29 as the answer as well as us ?🦋


The answer to yesterday’s question should have been ‘There isn’t one’ or ‘none’ because Mr Lees’ fast food takeaway was founded in 1863.
Sorry to be pedantic lol (just saying).
I obviously knew what you meant though Daniel and got the answer right although I again wondered if it was a trick question lol.
Am I taking this too seriously?!? lmao 🤔😂🤣😂


good luck to all


Todays question seems too easy I hope it’s not a trick question/answer!! 🤔 🤞
Although I doubt Daniel would do that to us! 🤔😁🤣
Good Luck In This Month’s Competition Everybody T.x


WooHoo – just won the March logo game – thank you – lovely surprise


Well done Susan. It shows as not yet claimed to me, so make sure you do if you haven’t already!


I can still see it as unclaimed, so yes, Susan, make sure you have claimed it correctly. Don’t miss out on it.


Hi Shelly, don’t worry – I claimed and have received the money today – very speedy


Hi Andrew, I claimed VERY quickly and the money is already in my account (not sure why it said it had not been claimed for a while)
best wishes Sue


Congratulations. Still showing as not claimed. Hope you manage to claim in time.


thank you alison – yep claimed and money received, thanks


Well done Susan 🙂