Social Share Comperoo – 3 Winners, £20 in Prizes!

Update 21st Nov – due to personal circumstances, I have been away from the site and was unable to complete this competition. I have now chosen the winners though and I hope it’s better late than never. There is no time limit to collect the prize due to the change in date.

Congratulations to:

gouldie7 – £10 winner [claimed]
GrahamWebster – £5 winner [claimed]
TiffenyIrene – £5 winner [claimed]

Thank you to everyone who took part.

It’s time for another competition! The 30 Day Riddle Challenge was a fantastic success and I am working on another comp to tax your brains. But just for now, here is a nice and simple social share comp. FBL is getting closer to breaking even, so the next big aim will be to up the prizes. ShareThe social share comps always bring in new members, so the idea is to get the word out there whilst also giving you guys another chance to win some cash prizes.

The comp is open to anyone on social media – share, RT, post, like, follow, blog – anything you like! Just make sure to tag FBL in so I can see you took part. The winner will be randomly selected out of the members who share the most (whether that’s most frequently or via the most platforms).

First prize will be £10 and the two runners up will receive £5 each. Prizes will be payable via BACS, PAYM or PayPal.

Closing date will be midnight 31st October 2016 with all 3 winners announced here on 1st November 2016. The winners will have 24 hours to claim their prize.

If you have any questions, please just comment below or drop me an email.

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Graham Webster

Brilliant!! Thank you very much, just seen my name 🙂

William G

Oh wow! That’s me! Thank you very much!


Shared and followed on twitter, Facebook and G+.


share on facebook,Twitter,instagram,


I tweeted username @Highlandgirl 🙂


Shared on Twitter.would be much easier if there was a share button or referral link is that possible?


How do I share?


Shared on FB


Shared on Facebook, I hope xx


How can I tag FBL so it can be linked back to my profile please? On Facebook? Thank you!


Can u add a share button on this post or am I missing it?