Lottery Superstitions You Need to Consider

When it comes to the lottery, there are no particular skills that you can learn that will help improve your luck in predicting lottery numbers. While this is definitely not what all lottery players want to hear, they can take solace from the fact that there are several superstitions that are believed to be helpful in improving your chances of winning the lottery. Once you finish reading all the superstitions in this article, you can have a go here to see if they are indeed helpful.


Divination is referred to by many names depending on the region you hail from, in Greece and other parts it’s also known as haruspication. Divination is the act of predicting future events through the use of omens, signs and auguries. While not proven if indeed divination works, there are some players who state that before playing the lottery, you should always seek guidance on the possible lottery outcome from people who practice divination.

Knock on Wood

This superstition states that when writing down your lottery numbers, you need to be sited or have a wood log beside you that you will be ‘knocking’ on. This superstition comes from the Druids who believed that the gods resided in wood therefore by knocking on wood, you will actually be summoning them to come and show you the ‘way’ to the correct numbers.

Crossing your fingers

Many people cross fingers when swearing or trying to show that they are telling the truth during a conversation. Superstition says that when playing the lottery, you should cross your fingers as well. It’s not known where this superstition originated from but many believe it’s derived from the Christian cross.

Wear red always

There is a superstition originating from China which states that you should always be clad in red when you purchase your lottery ticket, write your predictions and when you are submitting the ticket. According to Chinese culture, the colour red chases away evil spirits therefore by wearing red when playing the lottery, you will be free from abominations, demons, ghouls and ghosts. Surely without these, lady luck will be on your side.

Use your favourite numbers

Another superstition states that we often fall in love with something because luck and good fortune draws us to that thing. For this reason, when playing the lottery you should consider all the things you love and if they incorporate numbers in one way or the other, then you should consider using those numbers. Suppose you have a favourite athlete, use his/her jersey number, also use your favourite sports personality or celeb’s ID Number (if you know it), birthday and anniversary among others.

Mix Odd and Even Numbers

For those who have read anything on Chinese culture, they may at one point or the other come across these terms ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’. According to Chinese culture, Yin are even numbers belonging to humans while Yang are odd numbers belonging to the gods. Therefore if you select Yin (even) numbers only, you anger the gods.

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