Draws resumed along with new instant win and competition

Following on from Hazel’s update earlier today I just wanted say ‘hello’ to all existing members of Free Birthdate Lottery.

I’ve been a member of the website myself for some time and I was really impressed by the way Hazel had got it all set up and way she operated it.  I’ve therefore no intention of making any big changes to the website or the way it operates.

As of today both draws (Birthdate Draw and Survey Draw) have been restarted.  I’ve also launched a new competition and a new instant win.  Please be sure to check these out.  I will be looking to add more competitions, instant wins and other chances to win over the coming weeks and months.

Please be gentle with me! – This is a learning curve so if something doesn’t quite work as it should please bear with me.  Next week there will be some upgrades to the server that the site runs from.  The only thing you may notice is the website may be unavailable for a brief period of time.  If this happens please check back as it hopefully won’t be off for long.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to post or contact me directly and I will do all I can to get back to help.

We are all sad to see Hazel go (myself included).  She did such a wonderful job and I wish her well in her future.

Good luck on the draws, competitions and instant wins.


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why is the golden ticket competition still showing ?


Daniel, I’m sure Hazel will testify that we are ( most of us anyway ! ?) a friendly bunch of members on here and look forward to seeing the site continue in the direction Hazel was taking it in and I’m sure you’ll do it justice !
Hazel had a staunch group of loyal members who ” had her back ” so to speak, myself included, and I’m sure all of us will carry this forward onto you. Good luck for an exciting adventure ahead ! ???




Congratulations on taking over the site!